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CIGNA Prescription Drug Plans—Affordable Coverage from a Name You Can Trust

CIGNA has been helping Americans receive affordable medical care for more than 80 years! Whatever your needs, CIGNATURE Rx has an affordable prescription drug plan for you.

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CIGNA Rx Plans Offer Affordable, Value-Added Options for Consumers

With all the options out there, choosing a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan can seem like an overwhelming task. But there a number of reasons why CIGNATURE Rx stands out from the rest.

  1. We're a name you recognize and a company you can trust
    CIGNATURE Rx is a nationwide Medicare Prescription Drug Program that was created by CIGNA, one of the nation’s leading Health Care insurance providers. CIGNA has been helping Americans receive high quality, affordable medical care for more than 80 years!
  2. In addition to drug coverage you’ll receive valuable online services
    As a CIGNATURE Rx member you’ll have access to a number of online products. With the click of a mouse you can research and compare more than 200 medications online. You can also use our Pharmacy Price Compare tool to compare drug prices at retail pharmacies in your area. Finally, you can reduce your drug costs by ordering through our preferred mail-order pharmacy, CIGNA Tel-Drug. Standard delivery is free, and your medications will be delivered right to your doorstep.
  3. You’ll really save with our Save with Generics program
    Studies show that if consumers are given a choice between an expensive brand-name drug and a generic drug that is just as effective, they’ll generally choose the generic. The trouble is, consumers often don’t know when a generic alternative is available! Our Save with Generics program lets you know whenever you’re taking a drug that has a generic equivalent.
  4. We’ll keep an eye on your overall health
    CIGNATURE Rx is always looking for ways to help our members improve their health. Through our Medication Therapy Management Programs we reach out to doctors and let them know about opportunities to improve our members’ drug treatment and to help reduce costs.

Whatever your needs, CIGNATURE Rx has an affordable prescription drug plan for you. The table below shows a snapshot of our three different plans.

Understanding CIGNA Medicare Prescription Drug Plans
CIGNATURE Rx Value Plan CIGNATURE Rx Plus Plan CIGNATURE Rx Complete Plan
If your goal is to keep your total prescription drug costs as low as possible, then this is the plan for you. You pay nothing for generic drugs on tier 1 and after paying an initial $265 deductible for brand name drugs, you'll pay low copays. This plan has the lowest premium CIGNATURE Rx offers. If you want first dollar coverage , then this is the plan for you. You will not have to pay a deductible, and you will still enjoy low premiums and co-payments. This plan is for people who not only want first dollar coverage, but also want expanded medication coverage. Specifically, under this plan you’ll receive generic drug coverage even after your yearly costs reach $2,400.